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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Musty here...
We made it safely to Croatia! We arrived a few minutes late, but generally our journey was very smooth!

We have a beautiful apartment in the center of the city... a great location with sounds and views of the Adriatic Sea.

This morning we started with a short walk along the shore on the east side of town, past a dock with small boats and then a dock with some big fancy yachts. We stopped so Musty could fill his belly with a chocolate pastry and a coffee with cream, which 'round here means ice cream! Da, dobro! Further along our walk we were overlooking a beautiful bluff where we could see way down into the water and watch the fish swimming. We saw a lone fisherman heading out in his 14-foot boat for a day at the "office". Then Amey got stung by a bee. Ouch!

Next stop, Diocleatian's palace. Roman emperor about 300AD. Not a particularly good one it seems, but he was from around here and built himself one hell of a pad. Now it's a really cool, really huge old building.

Next to that was the farmer's market, definitely the highlight of my day. I learned before our trip from a little Internet research that Mustapič's originate from a little town, Imotski. When I saw a woman there selling "Imotski" grapes we rifled through our phrasebook to find out how to ask if she knew of the Mustapič family. She said yes, then I showed her my driver's license. Her face lit up and she told me her grandfather was a Mustapič! That's her in the picture. We had a big high five and a cheer. Another woman from a nearby table came running over and wanted a high five too, her relatives were Mustapič! We think we probably go to the tiny little settlement of Mustapič, outside the tiny town Imotski, this weekend.

Cheers, Musty

Amey here,

As a general impression, the town of Split is very beautiful. The weather is HOT and lovely... There is very similar feeling to Italy, but with a unique spin. When we arrived around 9pm last night, we went for a long walk until about midnight, with shorts and tank tops! Oh yeah! Now I remember why I love this part of the world so much!

At the market we had fun buying ourselves loads of produce... figs, bananas, grapes, and a big red pepper. Very tasty. This afternoon we both crashed, a combination of heat and a long walk, and major sleep deprivation. But we're back out this evening and looking forward to some dinner and a temperate stroll. The night life here is extremely active - there were loads and loads of people of all ages walking around, drinking, eating late, listening to music until at least midnight last night (a Wednesday night!). As you might imagine, the streets weren't so full when our jet lag and excitement got us out of the apartment at 7 am. So we've got every reason to believe that tonight will be just as fun.

More soon! love to you all! Amey & Musty


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