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The adventures of Amey and Musty's trip to the Balkans and Italy in September '06...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

We spent yesterday being entertained by the Mustapic families who live in their own eponymous settlement near Lovrec, about 11 miles north-northeast of Imotski. Lots of food and stilted conversation. One of the Mustapics there was a very nice lady named Maria Mustapic, who left Lovrec to go to Vancouver in 1968, when she was 14 years old. She had just gotten back to Lovrec two days ago. A young guy named Mate Mustapic (same name as me!) showed us the church and the cemetery, Mustapics everywhere. He*s studying computer science in Split, and will continue his studies in Zagreb next year.

This morning we woke up in a hotel near Imotski and went to explore some unbelievablz enormous sinkhole lakes near the town. Each of them are about 1,700 feet across, and 1,700 feet deep, and each with lakes at the bottom.

Then we went to visit a whole other group of Mustapic families who all live in another settlement near Lokvicici, about 4 miles north-northeast of Imotski. I met a little baby named Mate (yup, there*s that name again!). We had lots of stilted conversation and got a tour of the church.

This afternoon we drove into Mostar, Bosnia i Herzegovina. On our way in BiH we passed an industrial facility named Mustapic Frigo filled with shipping trucks with Mustapic Frigo emblazened on them. Since Amey is sitting right next to me typing all about Mostar (an amazingly exotic place) I*ll save my fingers for next time. We*ll be here another day or two, then off to Sarajevo.

We don*t have a usb port on this computer, so no pictures this time, but I*m sure a few quick Google searches will show you just where we are and we we*ve been. Please drop us a comment below to let us know you*ve received our latest installment.



At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey...there are other Mustys? A scary thought. Are they loud and sure of themselves and love to laugh? It looks like that place has not changed since your relatives took off for the new world. Nice trip pics, you guys look really happy, that's great to see. My last trip was to take Peter on college visits, which meant one of the stops was Brown. Musty they tore down your dorm near the Sci Li...gone, totally new building. It was weird being there 15 years later, and Moneychange was not there.



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