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Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's Everywhere You Look

Yesterday Amey and I went searching for a beach near Dubrovnick that we spotted from a boat the previous afternoon. The coast here consists entirely of steep mountains plunging into the sea, so figuring out how to get from the main road down hundreds of feet via a maze of windy roads that are narrow by European standards is a real fun challenge. Along the way one of my wrong turns took us to what looks to have been a huge and dazzling 5 star resort just across the bay from Dubrovnik that was ruined by the last war. It doesn't appear to have been bombed, but just ransacked from the inside out and then burned so that just the damaged stone and concrete shell is left. A decade of overgrowth and neglect have left a very very spooky place behind. My guess is that it was occupied by Serb forces during their notorious shelling of Dubrovnik. I keep thinking of Baghdad. What a mess.


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