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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi Everyone!
It's a picture extravaganza today! Some of these pictures relate to our last two long posts from yesterday, and a few are new ones...

Here we are with Don Pero Marić, the guitar-playing priest at Hutovo... ancient homeland of the Mustapić people. He was such a pleasant person to be with, a gentle and playful presence. This is his little patio, in the shade of an abundant grape vine, where we enjoyed beer (Musty) and apple juice (Amey) and a great time (all 3 of us!).
This is taken in the sweet and picturesque town of Poćitelj that Musty blogged about yesterday. This woman was so nice, and was cleverly selling beautiful little cones of fresh and dried fruits. I bought some green figs for the way up into town, and some green grapes before getting back on the road. Yum yum fresh fruit!
This is one of many pictures we took on the stunning drive between Mostar and Sarajevo that I mentioned a posting or two ago. I'm sure one little picture can't do the trip justice, but man-o-man, it is such a magical and beautiful place. Musty is slightly less enthusiastic, but I am a seriously devoted Bosnia i Herzegovina fan. I need an "I Heart BiH" shirt!
Here we are surveying the evidence of the pyramid!!! Can you see the yellow tape and the excavated stones? So can we! Unfortunately, that is all we can see, and since we couldn't understand a single word of the pyramid pep-talk... we can't relay anything more convincing. Take a look at the picture and judge for yourselves!

This evening we took a superfun walk along the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik. What a beautiful walk... it takes about 1.5 hours in all, and it's really fun. Great views into the gorgeous Old City, out into the Adriatic Sea, and into the gardens of local residents. Dubrovnik is almost entirely restored from the massive damage it suffered at the hands of Serbian and Montenegran forces... it's a glittering pearl of beauty!
This little sweetie is one of the many doggies and kitties that we have encountered. She was pretty lucky because she belonged to someone! We see a lot of pets, but also - as I've mentioned - a lot of strays. Now, we've taken to always carrying in our pack a bag of dog bones and a package of lunch meat... and each time we meet a stray doggie or kitty we give them a treat or two. We have a policy of giving "treatys to the needies". It's so heartwarming to watch a hungry little kitten scarf down a piece of turkey! Even though this sweet girl had a home, we couldn't resist and gave her a couple of bones, which she thanked us for by doing some ridiculously cute little wiggle dances on the other side of the fence. We snugged her for a little while before moving along.
Here's a lovely shot of the evening scene picking up on the main street in Dubrovnik. It's full of cafes, shops, people, ice cream vendors, cats, dogs, souvenir vendors... it's magical, magical, magical. Musty is particularly smitten and has already written many little jingles about its splendors.

Hope you've enjoyed... Love to you all... you may be surprised to know that even with all this fun travelling, I really am thinking about you all a lot!
much love, Amey


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Hi kids. The photos are a fantastic complement to your commentary. Keep 'em coming! The fun thing about the blog is that when I tell people about your trip I can follow up by sending the link. Maggie Ivy emailed back "I think your daughter has the makings of the new "Rick Steves" -- what a knack for relating the awe of what she is experiencing. Very cute vignettes and ability to give a sense of adventure. I want to go!!!" -- She is in fact contemplating a trip later on this year. You can pass along your books.

Did I tell you? I decided to go on a Sister Cities trip to Shingu, Japan for a week right after the election. I haven't had a major trip in a while, and you inspired me.

The dedication for the crew shell in Granddaddy's name has definitely been set for Saturday, Oct. 28. Save the date!

All for now. Love, Mom


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