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Monday, September 11, 2006

We took tons of pictures today but they can take some time to upload. Here's a very good photo gallery Mostar that shows much of what we saw today. Among many notable things was the widespread devstation of modern warfare. Since these photos were taken there has been a bit more reconstruction, especially in the touristy and beautiful old-town which features a gleamingly reconstructed stone bridge that the town is most famous for. As you look through the pictures in this gallery you might thing that each picture of a totally blown up building is an isolated thing....not so. There's just not a wide enough lens to capture how widespread the destruction is. It just engulfs you. Throughout about half of the city, even where buildings look intact from a distance, you can plainly see from within 300 feet that they've been thoroughly strafed with artillery.
Mostar Photo Gallery
Another picture

It's also just about impossible to fathom how the people here have the courage and resolve to reconstruct as much as they have. They're fixing things from the ground floor up, and from the inside out. It's an incredible achievement already, with a long long way to go.


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