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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Three Cheers for Cavtat!

Cavtat is a a little village about 10 miles down the coast from Dubrovnik. It's a peaceful harbor and prominade with little inns and gift shops. Everywhere here on the mainland is "spoilt" by tourism, there is no authentic. Put another way, everything here is restored by tourism. Economically it's the only thing going on here on the coast, and its working very very well. So I guess it's all authentic after all. Some places have developed more gracefully then others, most very nicely, and this one's a beauty. We found a really great place to swim here. The shore is made of small rocks so it's helpful to have flipflops to wear in. I put them on the little place where I'm standing here while we swam. The water's plenty warm here. If you're whimpy like me it feels "bracing", but not at all uncomfortable. The salty water (and the pounds I'm gaining from a meat heavy diet) really add boyancy. The views are stunning. It's paradise.



At 12:25 AM, Blogger Sara Smith said...

I'm out here reading, but I still haven't mastered sending you guys a message. I keep hitting the return button, but I can't tell if anything is getting sent....and I had clever responses...Love, Sara

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous babbo said...

Hi Amey and Musty!

Last Friday I was so excited by your excellent blog that I sent you an
email by clicking on the little blog envelope. Then later I realized
that I had mailed the whole blog to our home computer with my little
email attached! Arrrrgh! I need blog lessons.

By contrast, your blogsmanship skills are amazing -- on Friday we saw
your wonderful photos of Don Pero, the road to Sarajevo, Dubrovnik,
and the sweet little dog. This is spectacular stuff -- we all feel as
if we are going along with you. Thanks so much for all the great text
and photos.

This evening I read the blogs through Sunday Sept 17 -- with all the
really interesting photos and descriptions of life in Croatia, BiH, RS
and now Montenegro. It's fascinating how you can go just a few hours
from Dubrovnik and the economy, language, alphabet, dogs and cats,
etc. all all very different. I was able to read the Cyrillic road sign
quite easily, using skills I learned in an undergraduate course on
Scientific Russian. You seem to be surviving the food transitions quite
well, each in your own very different way.

Cynthia is working continuously on her re-election. She has been
going to community meetings almost every evening to get endorsements
from local political organizations, business groups, etc. Tomorrow she
is going to speak a the UC Regents meeting in SF about the effects of
UCSC growth on the city.

Andreas Faltenbacher, my German postdoc, leaves for Shanghai on Friday
-- I'll take him to the airport. He will be working with a group of
Chinese astronomers there who have connections with German research
organizations. What an adventure for him! I'll miss him.

Now it's time to go home and relax for an hour or so ...

All for now,


At 2:35 PM, Blogger springsandwells said...

hi dad!
how cool that you can read Cyrillic! it will come in handy if you ever travel to this part of the world. i love hearing news from home... even though we are having such a fun time, we are also both homesick. it's hard not to be a bit homesick when home is such a great place!

give my best wishes to andreas... hopefully we'll see him again someday.

I've heard from a few people that it is confusing learning how to post comments on the blog. Sorry about that. We sure appreciate the comments that we get. I'll see if I can change the settings and make it any easier for all of you!

xo Amey


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